College Football Betting Guide

Best places to bet on College Football

USA College football betting is now gaining ground on the more widely known National Football League, the NFL, in the American Football competition for UK punters’ pounds.

If you are an enthusiast, you probably know already that you do not necessarily have to join one of the US sportsbooks to have a bet. Some forward-thinking UK based online bookmakers are now offering a good range of markets on much more than just the high profile NFL games.

The season gets underway in September each year and reaches its climax in January at the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) – their equivalent of the Super Bowl.

The Bowl Championship Series features the eight leading teams in addition to the two finalists (who are selected by controversial means) at the end of the season. It provides potential punters from all over the world the greatest range of opportunities.

What are the advantages of US college football betting?

If you like an extensive choice of games to bet on, this medium offers you a much wider selection than the NFL. The structure of the NFL means that you will have less than a measly 20 games to choose from each week. In contrast, this version of the game provides gambling possibilities on around 50 games each week as there are over one hundred Division 1 teams.

Many of the gurus have noticed that this arena also provides better value for the punter.

They have reported a greater incidence of ‘weak betting lines’ than you will find in other American football. Whether that is due to the sheer scale of activity or the more active dynamics of the college football game is open to dispute. Whatever the reason for the value offered, a significant proportion of the American football experts advise you to look into this sphere if you want to make regular profits without having to stake a fortune.

Not only is there a greater choice of games to choose from, but seasoned fans have noticed that it can provide a much more exciting spectator sport than the professional equivalent.

This is where the raw talent gets started and the match play reflects the diversity and innovation of the individuals that are attracted to it. Yes, of course there are set plays and well rehearsed moves, but you are also likely to find some flashes of inspirational play that can only come from young people who are not yet nursing old injuries and wary of acquiring new ones.

Tips for US college football betting

The usual, sensible advice applies as much as it does to betting on any other sporting activity. Doing your research rather than following your emotions and blindly supporting your favourite teams or teams is much more likely to pay regular dividends. All the information that you need is out there on the internet – if you don’t have the sense to use it someone else will.

Don’t forget to pay close attention to the recent track record of the coaches as well as the players before getting involved.

If your knowledge of the contenders is extensive, wait for the value bets that the gambling experts go for rather than just wagering because you happen to be able to watch a particular game.

Where can I watch it?

Watching live, in the UK or anywhere else, has never been easier. Anyone in the UK with a high speed internet connection can watch from the comfort of their own home on their computer – so you don’t have to spend a fortune subscribing to specialist sports channels. is a good place to start looking for your favourite games but there are plenty of other options which a quick google search will reveal.

If you like to watch live online, the greater range of start times offered by college football can also be a major advantage, especially considering the challenges presented by the time difference. Insomniacs need never be short of a game to watch at the weekend.

When did it start?

You don’t have to know the history to start making money on US college football betting but, for those who are interested, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football, to state its proper name, has been played by the students of US educational institutions for well over a century.

The first recorded game took place at what was then called Rutgers College in New Jersey back in 1869. Rutgers beat the visiting Princeton University side by 6 ‘runs’ to 4 as that game was played under a very different set of rules to those that are used today. It was, however, this contest that formed the foundation of the phenomenon we now know as ‘American football’.

There is little record of college football betting in the US on those early games ? we can be sure it took place but probably on an informal basis with entrepreneurial individuals offering their own prices on the games.

Fierce rivalry between the colleges was played out on the football fields with a number of deaths occurring as a result of injuries sustained in play. President Roosevelt even considered banning it in 1905 as the fatality and casualty level rose to unacceptable levels. Fortunately the ban was never implemented.

The NCAA was formed instead to create a set of rules that would help reduce the damage incurred in play and increase the longevity of all concerned.

It is now so well established that you will never be short of profitable US college football betting events.