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Visit LadbrokesIf you want to bet online, Ladbrokes Bookies is definitely worth a long hard look. A quick visit to their online site reveals the sheer scope of punting opportunities on offer. Whether you are interested in sports betting, bingo, casino, backgammon, lottos, poker or just the Ladbrokes free bet then this could be the bookie for you.

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They even offer a Race Club option in which you can own and train a virtual horse, but benefit from real financial rewards if it wins.

This company may be one of the forefathers of the gambling industry with roots dating back to the 1880s, but they are just as keen as the rapidly growing, relatively recent recruits to the industry to grow their business.

That means a great choice of new business benefits being offered to you as a potential punter. Unlike some of the other, long established bookmaking firms, Ladbrokes have chosen not to compete with the relative new boys on the block when it comes to initial offers.

Other bookies may offer better free bets but, with this company, you have the reassurance of knowing that you would be placing your bet with an exceptionally well established, well known and well respected company within the bookmaking industry. One that is possibly the largest bookie in the world. Any company with the best part of three thousand betting shops must be committed to the industry for the long term.

You may not be impressed that they invested in an unprecedented, multi-million pound 2010 football World Cup advertising campaign. But you might be impressed by some of the benefits of betting with a famous brand, such as the multitude of betting events they offer.

There is no point in a company of any type spending money on advertising unless they can offer something extremely alluring to make people who have noticed their advertising want to become new customers. If you want to bet with a bookmaker over any length of time and demonstrate brand loyalty then this firm know they need to provide a wide range of betting opportunities. Simply being a big brand name is not enough.

We have all heard of Ladbrokes Bookies and have probably seen quite a few of their numerous betting shops, but did you know how they got their name? With other bookmakers like William Hill, Stan James and Victor Chandler there is obviously an individual afoot, but there was never a Mr Ladbroke.

Back in the 1880s two men, Pennington and Schwind, became business partners in an enterprise almost entirely geared towards betting on horses that were trained by Mr Schwind at Ladbroke Hall in Worcestershire. It obviously was not a business model with scope for extensive expansion.

Fortunately, just two years after the turn of the century, a more entrepreneurial individual, Arthur Bendir, joined forces with Pennington and Schwind and was inspired by the sight of a road sign to Ladbroke Hall to give the new enterprise the now famous name.

The bookmaker has Bendir to thank for tending the seedling from which the famous firm, as we now know it, has grown. It was Bendir who refocused operations from merely backing Schwinds’ horses to acting as a bookmaker and laying (or accepting bets on) other horses in races.

Bendir was either very well connected or a great networker. Ladbrokes’ business grew rapidly thanks to his strategy of targeting gentlemen’s clubs in London like the Athenaeum, Whites and the Carlton. Bendir also recruited guards officers to act as commission agents, encouraging them to introduce, very discreetly of course, senior personnel from the military.

The business prospered under Bendir. He successfully positioned the firm as the bookmakers for the gentry. Until the 1950s, it was compulsory for clients to be featured in Debretts to qualify for their champagne and cigar style bookmaking services that were based on gentlemens agreements.

Fortunately the company was bought by a Mr Max Parker and his nephew, Cyril Stein in 1956. They had very different ideas to develop the business beyond the upper echelons of society. Ladbrokes Bookies have moved with the times and welcomed new customers from all walks of life ever since.

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by Tony Cole on Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes have struggled against their more successful rivals in recent years. Perhaps the one big thing they could do is speed up their website - it loads so slow. Has not one of their employees noticed that?! Anyway, more importantly, they are a good bookies for sports betting. I do get large bets on there and the odds are competitive. The payments - or rather withdrawal - system works fine too.